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A throuple portmanteau of the words threesome and couple is a three-person relationship. All three people in the relationship love and care for one another equally. There is no grosser and more toxic feeling than jealousy.

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Being in a throuple forces you to confront your jealousy issues head on and come to terms with your own insecurities. You will, however, be forced to come to terms with your jealousy through introspection and communication. But by having two partners, you are doubling the chances that your needs will be met.

Each partner will have strengths and weaknesses and be able to help you through different trying times. Figuratively and literally But focusing on the figurative, you have one more person whose opinion you respect, whose advice you trust, and whose thoughts challenge yours.

10 Reasons Every Gay Man Should Try a Throuple Once

Not only do you have the options of big and little spoon, you have the best option of all: Sandwiched between you and your men, with you as the meat in the middle. I honestly cannot think of a single thing better in the entire world.

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Not only is he gay, he has TWO boyfriends! More boyfriends mean more friend groups. Royalty-Free Extended licenses?

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    1. It forces you to work on jealousy issues