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Cal has a way of flirting that communicates his energy for sex and his desire to love and be loved. Cal is known for his excellent skills at sex.


Some people describe Cal as earthy and raw, fun and adventurous. Cal is always happy when he stumbles on a new person who might be good to have sex with. Although Cal enjoys sex with lots of people, he is still also conducting a search for a life-long companion. Because of the generally negative slant that gets put on sexuality, Cal began to feel guilty for all the fun he was having.

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He became torn between what came naturally to him and what society told him he should do. Feeling intense regret and fear, he turned to his circle of friends for support. But instead, Cal was scolded and called a slut. Rumor got around fast and cal felt alone, confused, and scared. The way Cal was treated by his peers, as it turns out, felt like the kind of oppression that comes from homophobic bigots. In reality, his friends were taking out their own guilt and jealousy on him, not realizing that oppressing the sexuality of others also oppresses themselves.

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Cal, who loves sex, faces jealous rumors and sneers and is forced to doubt what is instinctive and fun. Instead of getting support for taking responsibility, and direction to ovvercome the mistake he has made, he comes under fire for something everyone feels some guilt about. People who have sex are often seen as the bad person because of the system of power and guilt. In order to overcome guilt, we must understand the workings of power and realize that sex and feeling good is simply natural.

Feeling guilt about sex happens because systems of power impose restrictions and bias that devalue sex.

Nine Quick Fixes That Will Immediately Boost Your Success With Women

That means cutting off threads thatwork against you. That means talking over people who are saying things that don't lead the conversation in the ways you want it to go. Sometimes, it means flagrantly changing the subjectwith a ridiculous non-sequiter. Whatever works.

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Frame control can be a difficult thing to learn, but I can't stress this enough: It's absolutely necessary. The motto of the salesmen in the movie is "ABC: Always Be Closing". This is the motto of the successful pick-up artist as well.

Don't get me wrong here. I don't mean you should go up to women and try to get them back to your place in the shortest time possible. Don't jump the gun This isn't a race. By the same token, however, I get frustrated when I see guys talking to these girls for hours on end without doing anything to escalate things toward a situation where things get physical. Like, it's three hours in and they haven't even touched her on the arm. I think a big reason guys do this is because they're afraid to get blown out.

Like, they think, "Ok, this is going great, she's laughing at my jokes and we're vibing really well, I better not screw it up by trying to escalate. These girls have reasonable expectations that you're gonna step up at some point and take things to the next level. Don't let them down. It's just tacky. Once that window's closed, you're done, bro. Always have a direction, and always be moving the set forward in that direction. It's about being expressive.

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  • At RSD, we define game as: Some of these guys I see in the field are talking to the girls, and they look like a marble bust of George Washington or something When I'm in set, I'm mugging like Jim frickin Carrey. Sometimes I'll have this stupid smirk on my face, other times I'll look at them like I'm judging them, other times I'll scrunch up my nose and wink at them. It all depends on the energy I'm getting from the girl. I calibrate and react accordingly. There are XXX muscles in your face I don't know, it's a really big number , and these let you express an almost infinite range of emotions.

    Try it now. Go to the mirror and make as many faces as you possibly can. Go ahead And if they are, at least you'll entertain them. OK, that's enough. You're scaring me. I do this frequently as an exercise to keep those expressions queued up and ready to go. Trust me on this Now, obviously, you don't want to spook the girl by rolling up and getting two inches from her face right off the bat.

    That's just asking for rejection, it's creepy. You wanna approach with non- threatening body language. Maybe even a little "active disinterest". To show you're not one of the dozens of needy losers that hit on her every night.

    At some point, you have to get closer. It's just a fact. Nothing is gonna happen if you stay at arm's length You gotta "cut in".

    I'll usually get all up in their space as soon as I know I've hooked them. That is, as soon as I know they've stopped thinking, "Why is this guy talking to me," and started thinking, "I hope this guy doesn't stop talking to me. I'll back off just as abruptly as I went in. It all goes back to calibration.

    The point is, I get in there. You should too. You see this usually when a guy has a lot of rehearsed lines and so forth under his belt, although that's not exclusively the case. Like, it's a little TOO cool. Not pretty. It's like, when you shoot a home video and you put on some weird "narrator" voice You do it because you know this might potentially be viewed by thousands of people, and it's a defense mechanism against being perceived in certain ways.